Business Consultants

Experts-conseil en développement des affaires

Solving Business Problems

Businesses do occasionally run through hard times. We can analyze the problem, come up with recommended solutions, propose an action plan and help you implement the plan.

Business Development

Our business development services includes activities towards increasing revenues, expanding the business capabilities, helping form new partnerships, and finding new suppliers.

Project Management

We can help you get your projects done on time and within budgets. Our services include pre-project advice, writing project plans, mid-project reviews, acting as project managers, and getting projects back on track.

Digital Transformation

Digital technology is reshaping how businesses provide value to customers. Our digital services include strategic planning, managing technology projects, and custom software development.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing and advertising services include audits, strategy planning, setting up ads accounts, ads design, content creation and other related services. We cover all major platforms.

Online Business

We have many years of experience in the online space. Whether you want to use social media marketing; accept online payments; offer online services; or are an entrepreneur with an idea for a totally online business, we can help you.

Independent Reviews & Studies

We can provide objective independent reviews. We also can conduct various studies such as feasibility studies, opportunity evaluations, impact studies, risk assessments, project evaluations, etc.


Starting a new business can be challenging. We can help you navigate government programs and regulations. We can also provide a step by step approach to get you started and running as soon as possible.

Various Other Services

We offer various other services relating to operational efficiency, finding suppliers and staff, and other business related matters. We also offer coaching and training services.


Our core team has close to 60 years of experience in many sectors including IT, Online business, Manufacturing, Aquaculture, Gaming, Book Publishing, Training, Insurance, Retail, Horse Racing, Hydroplane Racing, Auto Dealerships, and Music Industry.


Our core expertises are in business startup, business development, market development, marketing and sales, and online business.


We are a highly focused, results-oriented, and down to earth consulting company. We let the bottom line guide our decision process.

A practical result-oriented approach